Events and meetings have been re-started, however if, in view of the still-with-us Covid-19 Pandemic, you are doubtful about gathering with a group of other people in a hall, that is perfectly understandable, and although we will miss you, we will just hope to see you at future meetings.
( Please see the news page for details regarding the recommended health precautions )

2021 Events and Evening Meetings

Wednesday, 17th November

Some lesser-known heroes of the Titanic disaster: the engineers and their equipment who kept the services running to the bitter end
The Titanic was an engineering marvel of its era, especially with regard to its electrical systems, and Colin, who is a retired heating and air-conditioning engineer, is well equipped to appreciate the electrical engineering aspects of that magnificent but doomed liner. Colin is an old friend of ours. A few years ago he talked to us about refurbishing all the electrical equipment of the Tug/Tender Calshot which serviced the “Queens” and many other giant liners of Southampton, plus the celebrities who sailed in them because of Calshot’s role as a Tender. Colin has good news about a restoration project that is now underway on Calshot.

Wednesday, 15th December

Christmas Party

2022 Events and Evening Meetings

We are currently planning our programme of events and evening meeting talks for 2022, and we hope to host the following talks on dates that have yet to be arranged. Please come onto our website now and again, to find out how we are getting on with arranging our programme, and then do come to the ones that are of interest to you. We hope to see you at our meetings.

Wednesday, 16th February

“History in the Making”, The Queen Elizabeth class Aircraft Carrier 2007- 2018 By Colin Parker
Colin Parker of the Salisbury branch of the Industrial Archaeologists has kindly offered to talk about the development and current status of Britain’s latest and largest Aircraft Carrier: Queen Elizabeth ll.

Wednesday, 20th April

Member’s contributions meeting
Dave Murray: “To start the Ball Rolling... um...or, rather, to STOP the Ball Rolling !”
This cryptic title alludes to a painful operation on a Bowling Alley Ball that might draw unwelcome attention from the RSPCBBs
Des Aderly: “Exhaust ports: they don’t like it up ‘em! Get your hole in the right place”.
Such a rude title suggested by such a gentle member of our society !
Dave Murray: “The Refurbishment of a Police Launch”
Dave has an impeccable reputation for a live-steam launch carrying law abiding citizens, it will be interesting to see the cut of the jib of this Police launch.
Will it rely on live steam? And what rank of Police officers will it be intended for??
Mike Orman: “Trials & Tribulations”: “Some machining jobs can be really awkward and I want to tell you a bit about some I’ve come across, and the tricks that have been required to solve the problems”
If anyone has a tricky machining job that needs a solution, Our Chairman, Mike Orman, is the man !

  1. repairs to an Arrol-Johnson crank-case.
  2. ston-martin DB2 timing chains.
  3. Aston-martin DB2 brakes.
  4. Aston-Martin V8 throttle bodies.
  5. crankshaft repairs to a Foden Traction engine.

Wednesday, 18th May

The Paddle Steamer Waverley and her present crisis
This magnificent Duchess of the waves is the last seagoing passenger-carrying paddle steamer in the world. She was built in 1946, and from then until 1973 she sailed (sorry, steamed) from Craigendoran on the Firth of Clyde to Arrochar on Loch Long. Since then she has sailed around Britain offering regular trips on the Clyde, the Thames, along the South Coast of England, and the Bristol Channel, with calls at Liverpool & Llandudno. Alas the old lady is currently in expensive intensive care, struggling for survival.

Wednesday, 15th June

(To Be Confirmed) The meeting may be Dave Tonks talking about GPS, and we’ll also have a visit to somewhere (suggestions welcome)

Wednesday, 20th July

(To Be Confirmed) Meeting will be held in the White Hart in Bishopstone

Wednesday, 17th August

(To Be Confirmed) No Meeting

Wednesday, 21th Spetember

(To Be Confirmed) Member’s contributions meeting