Events and meetings have been re-started, however if, in view of the still-with-us Covid-19 Pandemic, you are doubtful about gathering with a group of other people in a hall, that is perfectly understandable, and although we will miss you, we will just hope to see you at future meetings.
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2021 Events and Evening Meetings

Wednesday, 17th November

Some lesser-known heroes of the Titanic disaster: the engineers and their equipment who kept the services running to the bitter end
The Titanic was an engineering marvel of its era, especially with regard to its electrical systems, and Colin, who is a retired heating and air-conditioning engineer, is well equipped to appreciate the electrical engineering aspects of that magnificent but doomed liner. Colin is an old friend of ours. A few years ago he talked to us about refurbishing all the electrical equipment of the Tug/Tender Calshot which serviced the “Queens” and many other giant liners of Southampton, plus the celebrities who sailed in them because of Calshot’s role as a Tender. Colin has good news about a restoration project that is now underway on Calshot.

Wednesday, 15th December

Christmas Party

2022 Events and Evening Meetings

We are currently planning our programme of events and evening meeting talks for 2022, and we hope to host the following talks on dates that have yet to be arranged. Please come onto our website now and again, to find out how we are getting on with arranging our programme, and then do come to the ones that are of interest to you. We hope to see you at our meetings.

The Paddle Steamer Waverley and her present crisis
This magnificent Duchess of the waves is the last seagoing passenger-carrying paddle steamer in the world. She was built in 1946, and from then until 1973 she sailed (sorry, steamed) from Craigendoran on the Firth of Clyde to Arrochar on Loch Long. Since then she has sailed around Britain offering regular trips on the Clyde, the Thames, along the South Coast of England, and the Bristol Channel, with calls at Liverpool & Llandudno. Alas the old lady is currently in expensive intensive care, struggling for survival.

Building a Model of an Early Anzani Aero Engine
What a Man Alessandro Anzani was....! Bleriot amazed the World in 1909 by being the first aviator to fly across the channel... but he was not confident of the engine that he had had built, but Anzani was on hand and had no doubt that his engine would do the job, and it did (just). The news of their achievement made them both pioneering avionic heroes who will always be remembered.

The Engineering Triumphs of John Alfred Prestwich (JAP) and his amazing business empire
Our speaker is going to talk about somebody who you have probably heard of more through his initials (JAP) than through his full name. The JAP company (1895-1963) was famous for light-weight, powerful and reliable engines used on motorbikes, light aircraft and motor cars. But less well remembered is its dominance of the cinema camera manufacturing Industry through the early days of that industry in the 1890’s through to the 1920’s.

Modelling Newcomen’s revolutionary Steam Engine
In talking about Newcomen we sometimes have to remember that Thomas Newcomen (1663-1729) preceeded James Watt (1736-1819) by many years and was more the inventer of the Steam Engine than was James Watt. Watt’s contribution to the development of steam engines was to modify Newcomen’s engine in a very effective thermodynamic way. Newcomen was a devout Baptist, who became a leader in his local Baptist church, and many of his engineering collaborators were fellow Baptists. Both men relied on collaboration with other wealthy and influential men to make their inventions profitable and famous. These were Thomas Savery and John Meres in Newcomen’s case and Matthew Bolton in Watt’s case.