By unanimous decision of the committee, all group events and meetings will be suspended until further notice, so as to protect the health of our members and visitors.

2020 Events Programme

Here is our exciting programme of events

Tuesday 7th January

Committee Meeting

Wednesday, 15th January


Wednesday, 19th February

Glyn Jones: “Making and repairing musical instruments of the violin family”
Glyn started in his trade by making himself a Banjo, just using his “native” practical skills in his spare time when he was in the Army posted to Northern Ireland. This project was obviously successful and he prided himslf on his Banjo playing; but he says that when he became friends with a professional banjo player he realised that he was not going to be able to make a living out of doing that (I don’t think there was anything wrong with his Banjo). Meanwhile he had started repairing different sorts of stringed instruments, and making the odd violin now and again, but apparently this activity really took off when, one day in Andover Market (he was still in the army at this point) he bought a second hand book on making stringed instruments, and that opened his eyes to the potential of his hobby. A few years later he resigned from his Army career in order set up his professional business.

Wednesday, 18th March

Member’s Contribution Evening
Members have offered to talk to us about their enthusiams. Be prepared for some surprises!

Saturday, 11th April

We will be exhibiting at the Fordingbridge Model Railway Show.

Wednesday, 15th April

Peter Scrivens: “Ringing Birds”
Maybe you thought you knew all about the way ornithologists ring birds, but believe you me, there is more to it than you ever knew, not least because of the difficulties involved in ringing birds ‘on mass’, and the design of ringing systems. It seems that Peter himself was ensnared into the ringing business, so he has some sympathy for our avian friends.

Tuesday, 5th May (11am-4pm)

Salisbury M.E.S. Expo 2020
OUR OWN DAY TO GET TOGETHER AND DISPLAY OUR MODEL ENGINEERING PROJECTS AT OUR USUAL MEETING PLACE. Following the great success of this event over the last few years, please bring along your projects, past, present (and future even! “Partly built” stuff is most welcome) and bench-work demonstrations are encouraged, providing they are practical for the hall (no steam hammers to be brought into the hall please). With a large car park, full sized projects of cars and motorcycles etc can also be accommodated. Most importantly, please bring yourselves, whether or not you are bringing any of your work. Our idea is that this is for us and we are not opening it to the general public (if for no other reason than health and safety), but friends are completely welcome. Further information, if required, from Mike Lee on 01980 623238.

Wednesday, 20th May

Geoffery Rider: “The Paddle Steamer Waverley and her present crisis”
This magnificent Duchess of the waves is the last seagoing passenger-carrying paddle steamer in the world. She was built in 1946, and from then until 1973 she sailed (sorry, steamed) from Craigendoran on the Firth of Clyde to Arrochar on Loch Long. Since then she has sailed around Britain offering regular trips on the Clyde, the Thames, along the South Coast of England, and the Bristol Channel, with calls at Liverpool & Llandudno. Alas the old lady is currently in expensive intensive care, struggling for survival, Geoffery is the man to tell us about the progress of her present situation.

Wednesday, 17th June

Andrew Johnson: “Building a Model of an Early Anzani Aero Engine”
What a Man Alessandro Anzani was....! Bleriot amazed the World in 1909 by being the first aviator to fly across the channel... but he was not confident of the engine that he had had built, but Anzani was on hand and had no doubt that his engine would do the job, and it did (just). The news of their achievement made them both pioneering avionic heroes who will always be remembered.

Saturday, 22nd June

Our Outing this year is TBD.

Tuesday, 7th July

Committee Meeting

Wednesday, 15th July

Our “Picnic” Evening, please encourage your spouses and friends to join us wherever we decide to gather.
This year it will be held at "The White Hart at Bishopstone", 7 o’clock for a 7.30 meal.

The White Hart
Butt Lane,

Please send your menu choices to Dave Murray. (Starters & Main Menu, Desert Menu)

Saturday, 18th July (estimated date)

Durrington Festival: Society stand (subject to us having enough volunteers to man the stand).

Wednesday, 21st August

Natter Night.
Bring your bits and pieces along, and we will also have a showing of a video about Lathe work.

Wednesday, 16th September

[Horological subject by a speaker introduced by Matthew Fallon]

Wednesday, 21th October

Keith Shephard: “The Engineering Triamphs of John Alfred Prestwich (JAP) and his amazing business empire”
Keith visited us in October 2018 and presented a very well received talk on some of the principal engine makers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This time he’s going to talk about somebody who you have probably heard of more through his initials (JAP) than through his full name. The JAP company (1895-1963) was famous for light-weight, powerful and reliable engines used on motor bikes, light aircraft and motor cars. But less well remembered is its dominance of the cinema camera manufacturing Industry from its very early days in the 1890’s through to the 1920’s Keith is an active member of our sister (brother?) model engineering society in Westbury (82D). He works with foundaries in Poland, and here in the UK; so he is well placed to appreciate the work of Mr Prestwich.

Wednesday, 18th November

Mike Lee: “Modelling Newcomen’s revolutionary Steam Engine”

Wednesday, 16th December

Christmas Party